Re-nourish Sustainable Standards


Communication designers must realize the importance of designing with people and the environment top of mind. They can do so by minimizing their waste of our natural resources like water and trees and reduce CO2 emissions through choosing recycled materials, and by working with vendors also committed to the same cause. As this movement grows it is important to make sure that the communication design profession collectively selects the most logical sustainable path to maintain our planet and our craft. This means setting guidelines for growth in our industry and accepting responsibility in regards to our people and planet.

Recent acceptance of the green movement into corporate America has also led to "greenwashing", where misleading or false claims of environmental friendliness have confused consumers and have not helped the sustainable industry or planet. The Re-nourish Sustainable Standards are an attempt to clarify the issues and provide a comprehensive system of providing sustainable accreditation to print and digital design projects, design studios and printers.

The Standards

What makes a project, studio, or printer sustainable? How can one tell on first glance without transparency? As more and more greenwashing is entering our marketplace, it is important that we help our clients and each other understand sustainability principles. These Re-nourish Sustainable Standards are not a certification, but instead a logical set of criteria for continued improvement towards a more sustainable economy and future. With this assurance that specific standards have been met and verified, designers, studios, and printers now have the power to demonstrate their sustainability efforts, facilitating the implementation of sustainable practices throughout the industry.

How to Apply

Individual designers and studios can request to be reviewed by downloading and emailing the completed PDF form along with any necessary files to These forms can be found on the right column of this page. Re-nourish will assess each application according to our current standards, review any applicable documentation, and notify the applicant of our decision to include the project or studio in our case studies section or the printer in or directory.

An Ongoing Process

The primary purpose of The Re-nourish Sustainable Standards is to provide a verifiable context for design projects that is constantly evolving as technologies and processes improve. The Standards are based on the unique issues surrounding the design process, geography, academic and scientific research, and sound sustainability and design theory. As these areas continue to evolve, so do the Standards.

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Download the full standards and submission form: